XR Command Center

Xirrus Command Center
          Control, Manage, Configure & Streamline all your Access Points, HotSpots, & tenant networks from a single console.
  • Assign/re-assign equipment on demand between tenants
  • Role based administrative management  of customers
  • Turnkey hosted platforms accelerates time to revenue
  • Offer WiFi -as-a-service

Command Center, included free of charge with Xirrus Management System for MSP's, offers to streamline and speed up the activation and provisioning process for new customer installations to maximize revenue generation and reduce deployment cost and overhead. The turnkey cloud platform allows MSPs to:
  • Create and Manage an unlimited number of customer Wi-Fi accounts and locations
  • Add new customer accounts and activate instantly
  • Drag/Drop assignment of equipment to/from customer accounts
Command Center also provides
  • Built-in support and feedback tools for fast problem solution
  • Reduced WAN traffic bandwidth with distributed AP and cloud architecture
  • Integrated EasyPass Wi-Fi access for guest, BYOD on-boarding and personal Wi-Fi security
With the ability to customize dashboards for each tenant and easily switch  from one account to next, service providers can easily monitor and manage their clients' performance and activities. Generate reports for each network regarding traffic and usage to provide businesses with comprehensive IT recommendations
Command Center is free when you deploy our Access Points