Call Center C-Zentrix CRM

C-Zentrix SME is a complete Customer Engagement Center solution for small and medium size contact centers. It supports up to 150-180 concurrent tele callers with 240 voice channels (TDM or VoIP) on a single PC server with all call center functionality like IVR, ACD, Predictive Dialer, Voice Logger , CRM, MIS Reporting, Call Conferencing, Call barge in, integrated Email and SMS functionality for customer engagement. The solution is specifically crafted for the SME segment for quick and easy installation and easy to use modules with user-friendly interfaces.


  1. Capability to run 120 concurrent tele callers on a single server with all call center functionalities
  2. Can be installed on any standard PC server
  3. Voice Logger and Screen Logger as an inbuilt functionality of the contact center solution
  4.  Customer Engagement Solution with Voice , Email, Chat and SMS capabilities part of the C-Zentrix SME
  5.  No client application to be installed on the tele caller desktop. C-Zentrix SME server can be accessed over a normal browser
  6. Tele callers can login to C-Zentrix ACD using soft phone, hard IP phone, analog phones or mobile phones remotely from any-where on the globe
  7.  Advanced dashboard and MIS Reports can be pulled by the supervisors and managers sitting remotely over a normal internet connection
  8. Facility to remote barge in to the calls using mobile phones or IP phones and pulls out voice logs on normal internet connection