XR - Accessories & Switches



Accessories for XR, XN, and XS Series Xirrus Wireless Arrays
Xirrus has developed a family of Wireless Array accessories specifically suited for various environments and applications. These covers, enclosures, and mounting kits conceal, secure, and protect Xirrus Wireless Arrays to deliver the performance needed for successful deployment.


"Single Pane of Glass” Management of Wired and Wireless Networks

The Xirrus unified access layer is managed* by the Xirrus Management System (XMS), providing single pane of glass management for both Xirrus wired and wireless networks. The XMS is a comprehensive platform that provides in-depth visibility into users, devices, applications, and traffic on the network, in addition to complete configuration management of the wired and wireless networks. The XMS is available in on-premise and cloud-hosted options.

Ample Power for Unified Access Networks

The XT Series access switches provide Power-over-Ethernet (PoE/PoE+) to power IP-based devices such as IP phones, wireless APs, and IP video cameras. The XT-5024 provides up to 370 W and XT-5048 up to 779W of power. The intelligent power management scheme built into the switches optimizes the power distribution based on the capabilities of the end IP devices. Power is dynamically pooled from the power supply across all the ports. The XT-5048 switches also support external redundant power supplies (RPS) for high availability.