Green IT

It’s not that Green Buildings aren’t ‘Smart’ or that Smart Buildings aren’t ‘Green.’

The point is Green technologies with smart infrastructure are Smart Green Buildings

We design and draw up solution for property developers, proposed projects, building managements, warehouse and plant owners to easily maintain, operate and meet their green building initiatives and financial objectives.  

Our experience encompasses integrated design of infrastructure, technologies and strategies to create sustainable buildings that are technologically & operationally energy efficient. We provide GREENT IT solutions which integrates 

  • high grade structured cabling infrastructure
  • energy efficient communication systems
  • energy efficient & ROHS compliant devices
  • Energy saving eco-mode wireless devices
  • Green ethernet compliant network switches
  • Reducing energy consumption
  • cutting carbon footprints
  • Contribute to green building index
  • Optimizing and repurposing energy usage


All our products are manufactured with energy saving compliant, environmentally friendly and future proof platform. Our design and engineering are geared to achievesmart green building index. Our expertise encompasses a broad range of building uses, from education and healthcare to mixed use, residential, office, and manufacturing.

Wi-Fi Solution

Wi-Fi system is scalable in terms of speed, density, traffic and protocols which can be done via software upgrade instead of hardware changing. Consumes low power and turns into eco-mode to save energy when there is no activity.  A unique multi-radio Array architecture which requires significantly fewer access points to provide robust, high quality coverage and excellent Wi-Fi throughput across large spaces. Competitors design between 240 – 300 access points, whereas with Xirrus we were able to deploy 70, which had obvious cost-benefits as fewer Arrays meant considerably less cabling, switch ports and less energy usage.

Network Switches

Energy-Efficient Ethernet is a set of enhancements to the Ethernet family of computer networking standards that allow for less power consumption during periods of low data activity. The intention was to reduce power consumption by 50%or more, while retaining full efficiency.

Green Ethernet: Our Switching fabrics are true energy complaint where it automatically detects length of the cable and supply power accordingly, and when not in use it saves power.

Projected power savings of up to 45 - 80%were estimated using Green Ethernet switches & energy efficient wireless, communication & surveillance systems translating into a longer product life .

  • Auto disable on the excess of total power
  • Dynamic power allocation
  • EMC Compliance - FCC class A, CE
  • Safety Compliance - UL, CB
  • Environment Regulation Compliance; WEEE, RoHS, PFOS

iP Pabx System

Our business communication systems (iP Pabx),the greenest phone system in the world ! saves energy when not in use, eliminates the need for extensive cabling to main equipment resulting in a significant reduction in installation hardware and cost. Our Pabx saves almost 16 hoursof power per day in eco-mode.

Digital Microwave Radio

ECO Mode: Ericsson MINI-LINK Microwave Radio provides an energy-efficient mode enabling up to 40%power consumption reduction for microwave communication. With this, the radio units can effectively adjust power requirements according to the used output power in the radio interface, which varies according to the actual link conditions and output margin design.


Bottom line

This are designed and deployed to be integrated with life related facilities and to achieve eco-friendly living environment to meet the people's lives in the pursuit of energy efficiency, intelligent and humane demands. With the rise of smart building & green building construction, wireless sensor technology limitations, one can build efficient facilities and smart green building management system.