XR-520 Wireless 2 Radio AP

2x2 802.11n 300Mbps

A new class of fully capable, reduced cost Access point

With a powerful integrated controller, application-level intelligence, automated provisioning, and cloud management. The XR-520 delivers the ideal solution for providing robust wireless connectivity in areas of low-to-medium user density. Example use cases include hotel rooms, dormitories, hospital rooms, health clinics, office spaces, retail areas and similar.

At A Glance Xirrus’ line of modular XR Arrays:

  •  2 radio AP with 802.11n 300Mbps (2x2) operation
  •  Integrated controller with dual-core Cavium network processor
  •  Software programmable radio enabling dual 5GHz operation
  •  Omni-directional antennas
  •  802.3af PoE powered
  •  One Gigabit Ethernet uplink
  •  Cloud or on-premise provisioning and management options

Same network services as existing XR family, including:

1.     Application Control: Visibility and Policy Enforcement

2.     Security: WIDS/WIPS, Firewall, Guest Access

3.     Analytics: Spectrum Analysis, Packet Capture

Configuration Specifications



Chassis Size


Total Radios


Radio Type

One 300Mbps Software Programmable (2.4GHz or 5GHz) and one 5GHz

Maximum Wi-Fi Bandwidth


Number of Integrated Antennas


Max Wi-Fi Backhaul


Gigabit Ethernet Uplink Ports


Maximum Associated Users

240 (120 per radio)

Radio Interface


Maximum Power Consumption (absolute max when running both radios at continuous transmit)


Key Benefits

Application Control

Firewall, apply QoS, and manage 900+ application types under 15 categories using Layer 7 Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) and other contextual application detection techniques.

2.4GHz Optimization

Extended radio power control range enables reduced 2.4GHz cell size coverage to optimize channel reuse in dense scenarios and improve user capacity. Honeypot Mode helps increase available wireless device density through management of spurious association traffic.

5GHz Optimization

With its 2.4GHz and 5GHz radios (one software programmable to either), the XR-520 will help you easily make the transition to a 5GHz centric network, when you are ready.

Bonjour Director Support

Extend Apple Bonjour protocols across Layer 3 boundaries for simple setup and configuration of commonly used shared Apple services such as Airplay and Airprint.

Bring Your Own Device

Integration with Xirrus Access Manager (XAM) allows guests and employees alike to use non-corporate configured wireless devices while the XR-520 enforces appropriate access policies.

Value Driven

For all of its advanced features, the XR-520 is still very cost competitive.

Discreet Aesthetics

At just 7.7” in diameter, the XR-520 is designed to be compact and aesthetically pleasing.