Wi-Fi HotSpot Controller


Become Internet Service Provider

  • Create Paid or Free Wi-Fi HotSpot
  • Control Bandwidth, load balancing , monitor Users & purge reports
  • Offer Wi-Fi HotSpot to your University, Hotels, public areas, towers, malls, restaurants, corporate buildings, outdoor street level etc etc
  • Use our HotSpot Software or engage audience with advertisements, campaigns, discount coupons & promote your brand
  • Serve iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Tabs, laptops and other smart devices
  • Offer Wi-Fi to be used at various locations
  • Block unwanted websites and block rogue users.

About Our HotSpot Controller Software
Our HotSpot Controller Software helps you in controlling, managing and billing your customer for the internet use. It uses captive portal technology to show login page in customer browser. Upon connecting to your network (using wireless cards or UTP cable), customer will be prompted to enter valid username and password to get internet access. 
After successful login, your customer will see the remaining time and bandwidth quota, expiration date and other relevant info. HotSpot keeps track of your customer account and shows warning message when the account due to expire, helping customer to refill the account and continue using your service without interruption. Software includes billing, statistics and reporting with many other useful features.
It is hardware independent and you can use any type of access points, routers, switches or other equipment to control you Wi-Fi, LAN, DSL, Satellite and other type of connection. This solution is so emphasized so that any controller can monitor, bill and control Wi-Fi services provided to users. Our controller caters for standard, premium and Enterprise editions (unlimited concurrent users) -a Telco grade controller. 

Create a cloud hotspot solution by connecting routers to hotspot located in different places such as restaurants, coffee shops, basement parking, shopping malls and control usage, bandwidth and login parameters from HotSpot Server


Block Websites such porn, gambling,  games etc etc…

Blacklist devices by their MAC address if customers abuse accounts

Stop customers from sharing accounts as per; one account for one device

URL Filtering and URL Log with Anti-terrorism compliance

Secure Login through HTTPS server & standard generic SSL certificate for login.


Prevent Login Hacking setting limit for incorrect login attempts

HotSpot Activity Logs performed by employees or customers, the time of login attempts etc..

Manage your network’s traffic with IP and Port Filtering help you manage your traffic.

E-mail notifications to keep in contact with customers

Add in admin user level to control and monitor hotspot

Additional features     

Zero Client configuration
Status box showing remaining time
Automatic logout upon credit expiry
Link load balancer & Fail over redundancy

Can be integrated with hotel PMS & TripAdvisor
Advertise your company, offer coupons and vouchers and click on  etc etc


1. Make accessing your network easier and increase repeat customers

2. Manage all your hotspots in one database

3. Connect all your hotspots to the same database server, to manage all your customers from one location.

4. Customizable Print Templates for Tickets, Bills and that match your business identity.

5. Internet Sharing (NAT) share one Internet connection (DSL, cable modem, wireless…) to all your customers.

6. Get real-time statistics and usage reports including who is using it, how long, and what they are doing.

7. Easily check time usage, bandwidth, logins and sale reports with included graphs, or

Redirect url customers to your own website page and turn into leads.

Our feature helps you Connect Multiple Internet Connections to increase bandwidth. Combine Multiple Internet Links instead of one high cost link. Create fail-over to protect from single link connectivity issues.

Control download, upload and bandwidth quota

You can easily manage your bandwidth by configuring the download and upload speed of each customer’s account. Sell high speed access for an additional fee, or save more bandwidth for VIP customers.

No client software installation

Control wired and wireless computers, phones & devices without any client software installation. Forcing customers to sign-in or pay on the login screen. HotSpot software works with any client operating system and Internet browser.

Set your own price plans

You decide how to charge for access to your network. Charge by data transfer, specified time usage, or download and upload rate. You can also set pricing profiles so that when a customer refills their account they are charged the same way.

Free access option

WiFi HotSpot software helps you to create free hotspotor paid WiFi hotspot. Advantage of our solution is very high customization of user accounts which allows creating limited or unlimited accounts. Among classic features like time and bandwidth quota limits, you can configure daily time limit, number of daily logins, logins with aggregation, and much more.

Get real-time statistics and usage reports

Know all your hotspots statistics and usage including who is using it, how long, and what they are doing. Easily check time usage, bandwidth, logins and sale reports with included graphs, or find out the account download, the number of logins per day, the top customers by time usage etc

Multi-location: Different Login Pages and Themes

Display a different login page in different parts of your network (like Shopping malls, Virtual ISPs, Hotel lobbies, rooms, restaurants on the beach, etc). Assign a different theme, login page and signup method to each location by network IP segments. For example, in a lobby you can provide a free service, while in the rooms you can offer only paid service.

MAC and IP Whitelist

Enable specified computers (identified by MAC or IP address of network card) to pass-through the HotSpot gateway without authentication. For example: allow some computers to use your services without time and quota control. Other computers, like WiFi Laptops will still be redirected for login page.

Host Whitelist

Customer can browse specified host sites without authentication. You can allow browsing of company website with advertisement free of charge. If customers wants to find out more, login will be required.

Welcome and Warning Messages

Customize a message which appears on the welcome screen after the customer login. It also shows a warning message saying that the account is about to expire if the time and quota are below defined limits or the expiration date is near. The customer will be informed when it is time for the top-up account or to make a monthly payment.

Collect customer data

Collect your customers e-mail, name and address easily with our optional required login information fields.

Auto-login users to increase ease of use

Automate login process and improve ease of use and customer satisfaction. After initial login, customer will no longer be prompted for username and password. Autologin can be used for all or selected accounts, and it’s suitable for ISP Billing and deployments with regular customers.

Link Load Balancing and Failover

Use multiple cheaper ISP lines to get a link fail-over and link load balancing. Aggregating multiple links increases throughput for both upload and download, this creates a better user experience. Ensure your uptime even if one of the ISPs is not available to reduce money loss, failed transactions, help desk calls.

Active Directory Integration

Active Directory integration helps you use AD accounts for HotSpot login. It is suitable for companies and organizations as it handles the manual work of the administrator and keeps passwords updated with the main AD system.

Accept credit cards and keep 100% of your profits

Save time and resources by allowing the customer to create and pay for network access directly from their computer. The secure automated payment process lets you accept over 70 major internet payment gateways including PayPal. Credit Card Payment Modulecan be purchased for any edition. 

Remote HotSpot Operator Software

Remotely manage, generate accounts and get real time statistics and reports from any computer.
Operator mode for a quick 1-2-3 user account creation.
Admin mode provides stats and reports to the owners.

Streamline accounts with a refill option

Let customer keep the same account and simply add more time to it.



Automatic control of late payments

Switch a customer that is late on monthly payment to a logon screen with a notification. After payment customer can continue using your service.

Combined free and paid access

You decide if you want to charge people for access or allow free hotspot access which is great for cafeterias, restaurants, hotels.

Track your earnings

You can check out earnings for a specified time period, a computer or an employee. Data can be exported as pdf, html, csv or text report.

Watch online activity per customer

Real time customer activity shows download, upload, remaining data transfer quota, time usage. Activity is updated each second for each customer account, IP and MAC address.

Allow re-login if IP address changes

Allow a customer to login again if the account is already in use. The previous session will be logged out and a customer asked to login again (it can help when the connection is not stable and a customer is trying to connect while getting different IP addresses).

Manage your bandwidth and set limits

Easily manage bandwidth consumption with our bandwidth quota feature. Bandwidth quota can be set to have monthly limits, daily limits, or both. Example: Customer can download 5 GB monthly, but will be limited to 100 MB.

Client Isolation

Disable access and sharing among the clients. This option will prevent visibility of the server computer and also restrict any activity or abuse from the clients. Feature is included in Our Free DHCP Server.

Prevent Login Hacking

Set limits on the incorrect login attempts and force a customer to wait defined period until next possible login attempt.

Disable login after multiple incorrect attempts

Stop hackers by limiting the number of times an incorrect password can be entered.

Easily clear account IP addresses

Force clearing allows you to easily clear all in use IP addresses. This is useful when you have to restart HotSpot software.

Time out your customers sessions

Helps you manage accounts which are not in use. This feature requires customers to re-login after specified time interval.

Manage Multiple Hotspot Locations

Connects all your hotspots in one network and you can use the same database. Your customers are able to use their remaining time in any of the hotspot locations. For example, a large resort can provide UTP connection in every room and install several access points in restaurants, a lobby, by the pool etc.

Control connection speeds

You can easily manage your bandwidth by configuring the download and upload speed of each customer’s account. You can sell high rate accounts for an additional fee or save more bandwidth for VIP customers.

Customizable Print Templates for Tickets, Bills and Reports

Modify existing print templates or create totally new templates that match your business identity.

Keep 100% of your profit

We do not charge a percentage for using credit cards or any electronic payment. Hotspot Credit Card Payment Module License is sold separately

Make accessing your network easier and increase repeat customers

Many features in Our HotSpot software make it very easy to use which your customers and employees will appreciate