How to save?

An average enterprise spends 11% of IT budget on network communications services. Enterprises also allocate 11% of overall staff resources to network management and administration. When the axe falls on IT budgets, the capital, operational, and administrative costs allocated to networks and communications will undoubtedly be scrutinized.

» options to reduce network costs.

» The key areas where you can save further

SISNET has a lot of successful experience for solve business customer's communication request. We can design lower cost operating environment with high voice quality solution for customer. SISNET can design dialling plan, offnet call, cost saving solution and all voice related solutions for customer and help customer to construct global communion platform.

We can help with the design of telecoms systems; procurement of telecom systems; tendering of your line rental and call charges; maintenance; management of your billing and tariff analysis. When recommending a telecoms or mobile supplier, we ensure value for money and quality of service for our clients.


 The decision of adopting IT solutions should not be taken just on the basis of the low-cost involved. It entails a detailed analysis and understanding of the requirements before deciding. Some vendors may offers solutions can be free and cheap in the beginning but the maintenance and features will chew up all the cost which you though you have saved!! Does your organization needs frequently downtime, hardware replacement, bugs interruption while and incurring cost to fix it!!! Think about it.

IMPORTANT, When deciding, it is critical to first consider the organization’s business internal (resources & capabilities) & external (stable or evolving) environment, and the level of risk the organization is willing to take. The aforementioned issues can then be used as a guide to make an informed decision between the two.


Recurring cost – most of the ip telephony in the markets has a lot of license patch you need to purchase in order to function.  For example, some pabx requires desk phone license then user license, system license and port license just for single extension. Is this really necessary?

Expanding extensions with Ericsson-LG iPECS is easy and cheap – just plug in additional IP Phones or desk phone! No further per extension or user licenses, port license or desktop license are required. Plus, adding an extension is very easy through our web GUI with few mouse clicks and does not require expensive technical expertise. Our Ericsson-LG iP Pabx system is simple you get a system and relevant ports that’s all.

Cut cabling cost by almost 50% - most pabx system in the market requires extensive copper cabling or many fiber optic conversions to copper to power a pabx system.

Take a hotel, building or factory for example, if a location needs 24 desk phone extension from Server room to end user, then you need to lay cable from 24 desks to a Distribution panel patched and from that Distribution panel you need to lay another 24 copper cables to server room which could be 500 meters away.  In total you need 48 copper cables to get a 24 desk phone user working. That is a lot of copper considering price of copper today. With Ericsson LG iPECS you will be cutting cabling cost down nearly by 50%. This will also make your maintenance easy!

Reduce or Eliminate Support and Maintenance Costs - Most enterprises pay for on-going maintenance and support costs for network hardware. For example, some vendors charges for annual support at a rate of 10-15%. This may seem reasonable for access to software Upgrades (i.e. version upgrades) and Technical Assistance Center (TAC) support, but with closer inspection of the numbers, enterprises may end up paying almost twice for the network infrastructure over five years of ownership.

Reliability - In my opinion, the most important consideration when purchasing a PBX is reliability. After all, the phones are something that everyone expects to always work. If it goes down, the first thing that people often do is to reach for the phone instead. As such, it is important to make sure that the IP PBX that you choose can deliver the reliability that people have come to expect. Besides, nobody wants to have to explain to the CEO why he can't get a dial tone, or why his call was cut off. Ericsson-LG built with carrier class redundancy. Designed with CPU & Power supply redundancy without the need to duplicate the pabx equipment. This means you have virtually no downtime and operating at 99.999% availability.

Features - It is important to make sure that the IP PBX that you choose offers the features that you need, but don't get too hung up on choosing the product with the most features. The noted advantage of Ericsson-LG iPECS systems is that you would have total control over your phone system.  Adding and moving extensions and setting up forwarding rules could be done with a few mouse clicks.

Line rentals - Are subscribing too many lines than you actually need? Are your outgoing calls draining your finances? Let us have a look and save your money up to 30-40%!

Inter-branch calls - Companies with national footprints spend a noticeable percentage of their phone bill on making calls between branches. This expense can be cut completely by installing a VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) Gateway at every branch. Calls will be routed via the VPN or ADSL network

Green Initiatives - your communication equipment is never switched off and need to be on all the time. If it is small set up then you probably will not see much of energy consumed by electrical devices but if you are setting a system which is 100 , 200, 300, 600 or 1000 extensions then you may want to look into your TNB bill. Ericsson-LG equipment’s are Green Ethernet compliant. This means when your desk phone is not used , your company closed for public holidays or not working overnight, our solution will automatically will turn into eco-mode and save electricity consumption.