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Ericsson-LG's IP Communicator is an enterprise SIP Mobile Client for iPhone and Android smartphones. It has been designed to maximize productivity and reduce costs for mobile workers by shifting existing calls normally placed on cellular network to Wi-Fi (office, home, hotspots). The IP Communicator allows you to receive calls to your office on your mobile and access system features such as call hold, transfer, call forward, DND, voice mail and conference in other parties. When out of Wi-Fi range the IP Communicator can connect via 3G/4G (subject to network coverage) so will always keep you connected to your office and customers.

This anywhere-anytime access to communication and collaboration tools can help enterprises lower expenses, increase productivity, enhance business continuity, and streamline customer support.


Tools to enhance productivity & improve responsiveness. Capture telephone numbers from web pages & documents for easy calling.

Use your local contacts or the company-wide contacts in the UCS Server to place calls simply and effectively.  Enhanced Video Conference, bring together up to 6 parties in a collaborative session, share documents and text, conduct private presentations and co-browse, efficiently sharing information and reducing decision making time. 


Presence, know your party’s status so you can select the mode best suited for your communications.

Set actions in your schedules to change your presence automatically in Outlook appointments, which can be imported and synchronized with your UCS Client.  Instant Messaging, combine real-time and your-time for an effective communication tool. Group and individual schedules, share schedules to inform others of business activities, meetings etc., know how and where to contact others.

iPECS Conference ACT-50

Advanced full-duplex Conference speakerphone for enterprises with Ericsson-LG Enterprise iPECS series:

Makes your voice conference "easy to talk” and "easy to hear”.

  • 16 arrayed microphones with high voice capturing capability
  • 4 speakers with high voice reproduction capability
  • High-performance adaptive echo canceller by Yamaha
  • Wideband voice codec technology for high fidelity audio (G.722)

iPECS Attendant
  • Easy User Interface
  • Simple Directory and Database Management
  • Flexible Call Handling
  • Various call features of the iPECS platform via embedded soft phone: Call transfer, conference, call park, hold & retrieve, redial, mute, call pick-up, call answer, restriction, series call
  • Call forward: attendant can call forward to alternative destinations (call park, page/message and e-mail)
  • Screen call pop up
  • Answering incoming call from queue window
  • Drag and drop call control
  • Call queuing: display name, date, waiting time, destination and call type (internal, external, recall, etc.)
  • Manual trunk selection for urgent outgoing call

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