Secure Communication


The user of Tactical Communication system are relying on a robust system that is always available and resistant to various types of interference and disruptions, and can still provide sufficient secure capacity.

Secure Communication for Government, Police Forces, Military & National Security.



Secure Communication is an encryption product for voice and instant text messaging for organizations that have a need for easy exchange of confidential information using standard mobile phones. Particularly vital to use during election campaigns, high level meetings, closed door meetings, future-planning, Government to Government dealings, Police Force, Tactical Units and also Military.

For most enterprises or government organizations, the operational and financial damage caused by illegal interception of communication between key individuals would be dramatic. The most apparent need identified is to easily exchange sensitive information (in voice calls or in instant text messages), using standard mobile phones.

Publicly known cases of illegal interception of mobile communications in recent years indicate, that the legitimate need of easy exchange of confidential information is unfortunately not always guaranteed, when using mobile communications networks as-is. While roaming, other network operators are involved in the call and the communication is passing through their networks in plaintext. Suspicions of eavesdropping, primarily against foreign network vendors, opposition political parties or governments, do occur within government organizations and enterprises. Enterprises and government organizations all over the world seek cost-efficient and highly secure means to eliminate this threat.

For cost-efficiency, strong encryption is required to work on standard mobile phones and to be built on mainstream mobile technology. For ease of use and to improve efficiency, individual users must be able to communicate sensitive information independent of time and place, in their home network as well as while roaming. Strong encryption must complement the existing set of mobile phone applications of any user. Secure Communication is designed to meet these very needs and it provides users with strong end-to-end encryption


Secure Communication is unique;

  • Add security to standard mobile phones
  • Monitoring server operated offline to prevent hackers and eavesdropping.
  • Requires no changes to your network infrastructure
  • Works wherever you have roaming agreements
  • Secures both voice and data
  • No bulky gadgets, just use your standard mobile phones
  • The encryption and decryption takes place in the mobile phone. No functionality is implemented in the mobile network.
  • Utilizes modern smartphones for a good user experience
  • Utilizes enhanced off-line encryption for generation and protection of the encryption keys
  • Future proof technology for mobile transmission
Government approved to protect information up to and including the security level RESTRICTED  - Completed a cryptographic evaluation by CESG in the UK