Ericsson’s MINI-LINK management system is a flexible platform for managing all the Ericsson microwave transmission networks. It provides off the shelf integration of primarily Ericsson MINI-LINK point-to-point and point-to-multipoint microwave systems (capacities ranging from 2x2 Mbit/s to 155 Mbit/s) like MINI-LINK Traffic Node, MINI-LINK E and C, MINI-LINK High Capacity, MINI-LINK BAS and also integration of non-Ericsson systems (NERA NEW-NMS, ETU) into common applications.

At Element Manager layer, it provides functions such as FM, CM, AM, PM, SM based on the recommendations from Open Systems Interconnect (OSI) "FCAPS” model. The CM functionality is either embedded or provided using dedicated Local Managers and Element Managers. Our Element Managers can also be used to mediate FM, PM and Inventory data to other management systems.

The product consists of commercial Hardware platforms and Software packages (Adaptations and Applications) that can be composed in a modular way to fit the management requirements of networks of various sizes and configurations. Ericsson’s MINI-LINK management system is positioned to provide a cost effective management solution for Ericsson Transmission Network Elements and to allow it to be integrated into Customer Network Management environments.

Service On Element Manager

The ServiceOn Element Manager (ServiceOn EM) is a scalable management application capable of supporting Ericsson’s Optical, Microwave, Broadband Access and Metro Ethernet products.

A consolidation of the separate platforms ServiceOn Optical, ServiceOn Microwave and ServiceOn Public Ethernet Manager, ServiceOn EM becomes the single Element Management layer application for the future. Built on years of experience, it provides a common environment for the equipment focused management.

Key benefits

  • Single application capable of supporting Optical, Microwave, Broadband Access and Metro Ethernet products.
  • Maintains network competitiveness through regular enhancement.
  • Extendible to support third party equipment.
  • Meets operators needs through a task focused GUI and Open interfaces to external OSS platforms.
  • Comprehensive FCAPS features for enhanced manageability

Solution Architecture

The ServiceOn Element Manager is a standards based software application designed to support the equipment focused management of Optical, Microwave, Broadband Access and Metro Ethernet based network elements.

Service On Element Manager is part of the comprehensive Ericsson OSS solution covering the complete portfolio of fixed and mobile network solutions. Based on a modular software design and employing scalable hardware the ServiceOn Element Manager can cost-effectively manage from tens to thousands of network elements.

As a scalable system, operators can deploy the element management platforms in a cost-effective way, minimizing first-in costs and then growing with the network. For overall network views and total network control, including end-to-end trail provisioning, the element management system interworks with the Ericsson IP Transport NMS or its predecessor ServiceOn Network Manager.

For network operators with an existing network control layer, the ServiceOn Element Manager provides a range of interfaces enabling external applications access to network element information. Ericsson has extensive competence in the integration of the OSS portfolio with commercial off-the-shelf OSS products and customer specific management applications.


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