MINI-LINK LH (Long Haul) is a new product in the market leading MINI-LINK Product Family. It provides up to 4 Gbps over one antenna and is well suited for LTE Higher Radio Access Network Mobile Backhauling.

MINI-LINK LH contains an integrated high capacity Ethernet switch and Carrier Grade Quality of Service well suited for LTE and the evolution to all-IP. The Adaptive Modulation enables substantially higher average traffic capacity than standard SDH trunk systems. The Trunk Radio also has an integrated short haul capability.

MINI-LINK LH is breaking capacity barriers previously completely out of reach for microwave systems. Building on proven platforms from MINI-LINK TN and Marconi LH, the new trunk radio system is addressing new application areas with solid technology.

Seamless integration of MINI-LINK short haul systems gives reduced footprint and simplified operation. Trunk Radio based on the world’s most widely deployed multi-service microwave system MINI-LINK LH supports multi-carrier radio link operation over long distances. Full Gbps-data streams are created by Radio Link Bonding of multiple radio links into one data stream.

These results in a microwave system with very high transport capability well prepared for capacity upgrade of existing microwave links and expansion of network coverage.

Typical applications are:

  1. New roll-out of mobile backhaul networks. MINI-LINK LH supports all-IP Ethernet Backhaul preferred in new mobile networks, with the necessary Ethernet quality of service.
  2. Evolution of mobile backhaul networks. With the current increase of data traffic in the mobile network, MINI-LINK LH meets the demand for microwave Ethernet connections in the Gbps-range.
  3. Fixed Broadband over Microwave. High capacity Ethernet microwave is used to close rings in the metro and core part of the network. It is also used for building complete rings in areas where microwave offers a more efficient solution than optical fiber, e.g. in difficult terrain or when short implementation time is critical.
  4. Private communications networks like Enterprise and National Security.

Best in class spectrum efficiency

Ericsson’s trunk radio systems provide best in class spectrum efficiency and make the most out of available frequency spectrum. Up to 4 Gbps of data can be transmitted in as little as 4 x 56 MHz of frequency bandwidth using cross polar interference cancellation, XPIC.


Radio Link

Native Ethernet is supported over the microwave radio link. The maximum air interface rate over one radio is up 405 Mbps (56 MHz channel @ 512 QAM) corresponding to a line interface rate of up to 500 Mbps depending on compression and frame size. Using XPIC will double the capacity and with Radio Link Bonding 1 Gbps line interface capacity can be achieved.

  • Highly Reliable system architecture
    • separate traffic and control system
    • hot swap
    • Minimized need for cabling and interfaces

  • Equipment & line protection
    • Redundant plug-in boards
    • Redundant power
    • Redundant buses
    • Microwave protection 1+1
    • SDH protection
    • Graceful degradation
    • LAG



  • Microwave propagation protection
    • Hitless Working Standby (1+1) protection
    • Space Diversity
    • RSTP
    • MSTP

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