MINI-LINK SP - Ericsson’s cost efficient Multi Access Aggregation Node MINI-LINK SP in converged access nodes with dual roles. The MINI-LINK SP series consists of the (3) powerful nodes; MINI-LINK SP 110, MINI-LINK SP 210 & MINI-LINK SP 310. The MINI-LINK SPs are designed to be the central aggregation points for all MINI LINK radios; ranging from the stackable MINI LINK CN, modular MINI LINK TN, and new all-packet MINI LINK PT.

MINI-LINK SP 110 is a Cost efficient and Compact Mobile Backhaul Gateway that focuses on aggregating Ethernet and TDM traffic from multiple generation RBS’s. It can be used both in an optical packet network and in a microwave network where it is a perfect indoor unit for the outdoor packet radio MINI-LINK PT.      

RBS interface and demarcation point 

As a Mobile Backhaul Gateway MINI-LINK SP 110 is located at the edge of the Mobile transport network interfacing directly to the Radio Base Stations. It provides backhaul transmission for existing and future bandwidth demanding mobile broadband services.

MINI-LINK SP 110 provides E1 emulation at the backhaul interface for 2G networks and Fast Ethernet/ Gigabit Ethernet for 3G/ 4G backhaul. It also provides multiple sync input/output options for maximum synchronization solution flexibility. The backhaul service is supported by MEF-defined Ethernet virtual connections: point-to-point E-Line and multipoint- to multipoint E-LAN services. As a circuit emulation gateway, MINI-LINK SP 110 incorporates the latest CESoPSN and SAToP standards.When acting as a demarcation device, MINI-LINK SP 110 supports the expected UNI functionality as well as Ethernet Service OAM. The device enables the separation of different network segments as well as different business responsibility areas.


MINI-LINK SP 210 is a carrier Ethernet node with 36 Gbps of switching capacity and built with industrial grade components, making it ideally suited for extended temperature deployment in cell sites and first level aggregations, before the metro networks.

  • Purpose-built with industrial components to support extreme temperature deployments (-40 +65 deg. Cel.)
  • Redundant hot swappable power supply and field replaceable fan tray
  • NEBS and ROHS compliant
  • Optional expansion modules

Supports industry’s largest switching capacity in its class. The MINI-LINK SP 210 and MINI-LINK SP 310 can handle massive 120Gbps of switching capacities to ensure that the nodes have enough future headroom for new innovative iP and video centric broadband services


The MINI-LINK SP 310 is a powerful and compact carrier Ethernet node with 120 Gbps of switching capacity, designed to support massive growth in video traffic and reduce networks churns.The MINI-LINK SP 310 supports for four 10-Gigabit Ethernet ports and MPLS-TP making the MINI-LINK 310 ideal for carriers looking for cost effective metro aggregation node.The MINI-LINK SP 310 is ideally suited as the second level or metro aggregations. Even its standard form, the MINI-LINK SP 310 provides high density aggregation and resilient high speed backhaul that is well suited for bandwidth intensive and mission critical applications requiring non-blocking wire-speed performance.

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