MINI-LINK CN is a new addition to the MINI-LINK product family. It provides compact solutions for microwave transport, and is built with simplicity in mind. MINI-LINK CN is optimized for end sites, single hops, and enterprise. LTE Ready


MINI-LINK CN is a complete solution for the evolution of your network. The Hybrid radio Link transports both Native Ethernet and Native PDH simultaneously over the same hop, which is perfect for a cost-effective TDM to packet migration. Start with all E1 or a mix with Ethernet. Add more Ethernet as data traffic increases and complete the migration by moving to all-Ethernet. Ericsson MINI-LINK is suitable for any network scenario. It enables flexible and speedy network roll-out, and provides gigabit capacity and carrier-grade availability.

A Hybrid Radio Link that supports flat multiplexing of PDH traffic, which enables control of the number of E1’s to be transported. PDH traffic is normally transported in sets of 4xE1 and 16xE1. With flat multiplexing it is possible to set an exact number of E1’s to be transported, for example, 7xE1 or 13xE1. This allows optimized usage of bandwidth since all E1’s fitting in the bandwidth also can be transported. Due to the use of one mux layer for all E1’s, instead of one mux layer for each set of 4xE1 and 16xE1, the PDH overhead is decreased. A minimum of the total link capacity is used for overhead and PDH traffic and all remaining capacity can be used for Native Ethernet.

There are a number of MINI-LINK CN products, for example, MINI-LINK CN 210, MINI-LINK CN 500 and MINI-LINK CN 510. Each of them is easy to install, and is specifically optimized for a certain type of site.

Ericsson MINI-LINK CN210 – a compact internal solution average throughout for the organization of the last mile. Supports networks carrier-class IP and LTE, and also allows you to create multi-level network Ethernet. Being a compact and easy to install, the device MINI-LINK CN 2010 enables the best use of resources such as: space, time and money in building backbone networks, and full hardware compatibility MINI-LINK CN 210 with all models of MINI-LINK TN and MINI-LINK PT provides ability to integrate, expand or modernize existing networks.

  • Capacity: up to 425 Mbits / Ethernet traffic
  • 16xE1 for PDH traffic
  • C-QPSK - 256QAM
  • Built-in Ethernet L2 switch
  • Compatible with MINI-LINK TN (MMU2 H/MMU2 D) and all types of RAU
  • Bezobryvnaya adaptive modulation
  • Interfaces: Ethernet: 2x10/100/1000 BASE-T and 2 x SFP
  • PDH: 16xE1 120/75 Ohm
  • O & M / Site LAN: 1 FE port
  • User I / O: 4 Input + Output 2

Ericsson MINI-LINK CN 500 - is the latest generation of the MINI-LINK family. Compact, inexpensive and simple to use radio unit – a continuation of the successful line of MINI-LINK TN, specially optimized for the end-user organizations to solve the last mile. In this case, the internal power MINI-LINK CN 500, which are available in configuration 1+0 and 1+1. The MINI-LINK CN 500 is compatible with standard LTE and includes full support for IP RAN within the local transport network. MINI-LINK CN 500 also correlates with the technology of time division multiplexing (TDM) to packet data.

  • modem functions, the control, and interface traffic
  • Works in the network nodes, and as the last mile, while fully compatible with equipment MINI-LINK TN
  • Supports 16xE1 and 10/100/1000 Base-T interface at full capacity radio link up to 345 Mbit /c
  • It has 4 outputs and 2 custom user inputs, supports modes 1 and one on the radio in nutrition
  • Works with all types of radios (RAU1, RAU2, RAUN, RAUX, RAUXu)

MINI-LINK CN 500 is a high performance radio link with best in class radio output power resulting in longer hops with smaller antennas. MINI-LINK CN 500 and MINI-LINK TN are complementary products and hop compatible.MINI-LINK CN 500 is also LTE ready and offers full support for all IP RAN over Ethernet Backhaul. MINI-LINK CN 500 is also perfect for TDM to packet migration. MINI-LINK CN 500 is a Hybrid Node, perfect for both TDM to packet migration and for all IP. The Hybrid Radio Link can transport Native Ethernet and Native PDH simultaneously over the hop.

MINI-LINK CN 500 provides a complete packet and TDM solution with PDH and Ethernet in the same node with the necessary quality of service. This simplifies both the network handling and the network evolution to all IP. Hitless adaptive modulation is perfect for telecom grade – and best effort traffic combinations. In normal weather conditions a high modulation scheme is used with a high capacity throughput. If the weather becomes unfavorable the modulation will automatically be stepped down without packet loss to ensure that the priority traffic still gets through.

Ericsson MINI-LINK CN 510 - a compact unit the internal placement of up to 500 Mb/s, ideally suited for last mile. MINI-LINK CN 510 most powerful radio unit in its class, it can transmit signals over long distances with smaller antennas. The use of technology eliminates interference XPIC, which increases data and improves performance. Like all models in the MINI-LINK CN, MINI-LINK 510 provides any type of network, including iP and LTE a reliable carrier class is a simple and cost effective solutions for the construction of microwave transmission.

  • Capacity: up to 500 Mbits / Ethernet traffic
  • 1 Gb / s XPIC 1 frequency channel
  • Before 16xE1 for PDH traffic
  • C-QPSK - QAM 512
  • Built-in Ethernet L2 switch
  • Compatible with MINI-LINK TN (MMU2 H / MMU2 D) and all types of RAU
  • XPIC bezobryvnaya and adaptive modulation, 2 0 scheme
  • Interfaces: Ethernet: 4x10/100/1000 BASE-T and 2 x SFP
  • PDH: 16xE1 120/75 Ohm
  • O & M / Site LAN: 1 FE port
  • User I / O: 4 Input + Output 2

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