iP Pabx System

Business Communications                                                                    

Blending iP Telephony with traditional technology these, solutions provide flexible and cost-effective options for preserving your existing infrastructure, while delivering innovative and cost-effective applications. Our iP Pabx system are designed to bring down your operating cost and ownership cost. System built to last with future proof technology and lower your call cost with use of recommended outdoing line services and lower your infrastructure cost.

  1. For Basic Users we offer:
    • Solutions to interoperate with incumbent voice communications systems and phones.
    • We offer integration and consulting services, directly or through our reseller channels.
  2. For SME Users we offer:
    • Our Solutions supporting integrated or optional application integration, Unified Communications system (UCS) and Unified Messaging System (NMS).
    • Our Solutions also support integration with incumbent third-party hardware, including PBXes, Call Saving facility and analog phones.
  3. For Enterprise Users:
    • Our Solutions supports distributed /multisite deployments, UCS, UMS, Voice recording, Billing Reports, Contact Center features, iP, SIP, Hospitality Features and consolidated Network Management System (NMS) with automatic fault detection alarm.
    • Our Solutions support customer-driven customization via application programming interfaces (APIs) and & Call Saving facility.

Ericsson-LG has provided customized telephony solutions to the SMB market segment for many years.. The iPECS-MG continues this tradition, building on field-proven technologies and architecture to satisfy core SMB priorities including simplification, flexibility, efficiency, convergence, compatibility, and environmental responsibility.

The iPECS-MG is a highly reliable, extensible and feature-rich business platform that integrates your PSTN, IP and mobile networks providing SMBs with improved business productivity. As a hybrid system, the iPECS-MG supports complete single network IP solutions as well as mixed deployments consisting of both IP and TDM. Supports 50, 100 & 300 ports.

Download iPECS-MG Brochure  Download iPECS-MG Specs Guide


Simple installation and maintenance

With iPECS eMG80, you can start small with 8~12 users and grow seamlessly to more than 100 ports. Employing a multi-cabinet (KSU) architecture that allows four type of basic KSU and one type of expansion KSU to configure a dynamic system. iPECS eMG80 delivers cost effective communications to small and growing businesses and affordable expandability to medium sized businesses

Cost effective and expandable VoIP technology

iPECS eMG80 platform includes advanced VoIP technology supporting low cost SIP trunking, on/off-premise mobility, remote connectivity and multi-site networking with minimal cost to overcome geographical boundaries.

Rich features and applications

The rich feature set spans all the basic features and functions of a modern communications platform such as Transfer, Caller ID, MOH, etc. and delivers advanced functions including an integrated multi-level Auto Attendant and Voice Mail with both mobile and E-mail notification.



Pure iP Pabx

iPECS is a fully SMB dedicated IP communications solution without compromising well trained voice features. More than 30 years of experiencing SMB voice communications, LG-Ericsson has learnt how the complex voice features should be dealt with and more importantly it understands why the features are required from the customers. Installing iPECS, the customers can choose a call server from 5 different types depend on the size of the business from 100, 300, 600 and up to 2400 ports.

The real time web admin offers the customer with simple and easy maintenance without having fully dedicated system manager. Mobility is also a expected benefit as businesses are having more and more connection with SOHO and branch offices. Remote IP phone, Softphone, wireless IP phones and mobile extension may provide a seamless connection wherever you are. Thanks to the broadband availability everywhere.

By plugging in the RJ45 on the wall, you have communication through network to the system. Even three party video conference and application sharing can be managed by MFIM (Call server). More variety of IP phones are available; LIP-8000 series and 7000 series attracts the customers’ tastes with various looks while WIT-400HE (wireless IP phone) fully integrates it’s talent with MFIM. Standard SIP deskphone, IP8800 series and iPECS ACT-50 IP conference phone are also provided.  Download iPECS-LIK Brochure

Pure voice intelligence melt in iP architecture

iPECS-UCP is a fully SMB dedicated pure iP communications system without compromising well trained voice features. Single infrastructure of iPECS-UCP helps customers tailor made deployment. Every single component of UCP can be installed on the network without geographical limitation and can be managed by single point of web administration. Based on the transparent infrastructure, LIK also supports system redundancy, local survivability and scalability.

Customers can also save operational expenditure by having intelligent solution offering. Distributed architecture enables remote G/W functionality so that users' can keep their phone bills as light as possible. LIK also provides SIP trunking, T.38 functionality and single infrastructure management for further cost saving. UCP supports wide range of productivity enhancing applications integration such as Unified communication, Phontage, Mobility, Built in voice mail and UMS.


Pure iP Communication Server           

Empowering business communication for Large sized enterprises

iPECS-CM is the next generation iP-PBX that provides in addition to iP telephony, various flexible high quality multimedia services and mobility designed for medium and large sized enterprises. iPECS-CM call servers are available in few configurations. CM-S2K employs an embedded server to support up to 2000 ports. CM-S30K, CM-S10K and CM-S4K employ commercial servers to support up to 4000/10,000/30,000 ports respectively. The 19" rack 1U server and modular Media gateway design permit the iPECS-CM to service the medium to large enterprise delivering the latest in communications technology in a reliable platform.

iPECS-CM media gateways provide simple interface to VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) technology, access to various standards based telephony networks and applications such as UCS, NMS, UMS, Phontage, SNMP, Billing, Web Management, IVR conference call, and wireless functions such as Wi-Fi, FMC (Fixed Mobile Communication), etc. iPECS-CM supports an array of terminals from advanced LG-Ericsson proprietary VoIP phones and SIP terminals to basic analogue single line devices as well as, legacy digital terminals, and video phones. iPECS-CM Brochure


Simple network architecture

  • Flexible and simple network design due to pure iP based modular architecture
  • Standard-based network and SIP make easy applying of various service and solutions

Investments protecting and cost saving

  • Various phone support from high-end to existing analogue phone: Video phone, iP/SIP phone, WIFI Phone, PDA, Softphone , Attendant Console, Digital phone, Analogue phone
  • Communication cost reduction via internal VoIP call and operational cost by easy central management

Maximizing reliability and scalability

  • Support maximum 30,000 users and 400,000 busy-hour call completion
  • Unlimited scalability by multiple servers networking
  • Local Survivability with a variety sets of local call server
  • Multiple redundancy of Call Server/LAN/Control/power unit
  • Specialized large enterprise features; Directory Number, Digit Conversion, Mobile Extension, various Intelligent Routing

Enriching customers experience

  • Use mixed trunks; Digital Trunk(E1/T1/PRI/SS7), Analog Trunk (E&M, RD, LD, CO) as well as SIP trunk
  • Easy management via web-based remote/central management
  • A select of various gateways and servers for proper sizing
  • Support all the LG-Ericsson’s applications we well as interfacing 3rd party solution



  • PHONTAGE                                                        
  • IVR
  • Built in Fidelio Opera PMS Link
  • Many more….. call us to find out