Oil & Gas Telecommunications

Design, supply, install, testing and commissioning network high-speed, Ex Proof Digital microwave radio communications for oil and gas on a full turnkey basis. Sisnet’s overall objective is to maximize our contribution to the wealth of Oil & Gas clients through safe, efficient, power saving and environmentally acceptable Ex Proof communication solution.

Telecom requirements for the oil & Gas generally the same as other industries however there are critical differences :

  • Nature of business of Oil & Gas.
  • Environment in which Oil & Gas operates.
  • Nature of Oil & Gas demands absolute reliability and resilience.
  • Environment of Oil & Gas demands IP66 & IP65 robustness, long lasting, intrinsically safe, fire and explosion proof equipment for the hostile environment.
  • Suitable for Platform Operators, FPSOs, Vessels & Catastrophic Sites

Ericsson High Capacity Digital Microwave radio is the world's leading microwave solution, suitable for any network scenario. It enables flexible and speedy network rollout, and provides gigabit capacity and carrier-grade availability. Ericsson's microwave radios are product of engineering excellence for oil & gas infrastructure.
  • Ex Proof DMR solution
  • Future proof platform
  • All iP solution
  • Unique Radio-Link Bonding
  • Higher QAM
  • Enabling FPSO and FSO vessels connected
  • Save and proven yet modern technology with LTE (Long term Evolution).                                                                                                                                              
  • Fully standardised avoiding compatibility issue
  • From 5km to 170 km in single hob
  • Hybrid (TDM, E1 and Enternet) in single hob
  • Low power consumption (80W ~ STM1)
  • Low footprint - 10 STM1 channels in a rack with a 30x60cm footprint
  • A robust system with high MTBF (IDU 70 years & ODU 80 years)  Fully redundant configuration on the radio and line side
  • Plug and Play for replacement of individual parts
  • possible to upgrade to higher capacities when needed if current requirement is 150 Mbps

Ericsson MINI-LINK & Marconi Long Haul is High Capacity compact microwave radio solution for Voice and Data transmission at 155 Mbit/s that is SDH STM-1 or SONET OC-3, operating within the 7-38 GHz frequency bands. Oil platforms which operate further up at sea, Ericsson’s MINI-LINK Long Haul and Marconi Long Haul are the best solution when fiber economically is not an option.

We can easily do 120km and if needed on case basis up to 170 km while keeping momentum on transmitting frequency
  • Fully explosive proof- only non-active electricity devices in hazardous zone!
  • The oil and gas solutions is based on MIN-LINK CN210, MINI-LINK CN510 & MINI-LINK TN R4, which is a compact solution that will handle all types of traffic and has a variety of functions and is highly suitable for on-shore and off-shore rigs.
  • Applicable for onshore and offshore sites
  • Solves the explosion risk with full radio equipment redundancy
  • Uses standard interfaces
  • A flexible traffic solution
  • Solutions that keeps the cable loss to a minimum
  • Hitless/working standby (1+1)
  • All iP 2+0
  • Connecting FPSO's
  • Automatic fault switching

For project network design and consultation email us at sales@sisnet.com.my