Hotel & Corporate Telecommunications solutions



Technology enables society and with most business sectors, the hospitality and services industry is faced with constantly changing technology. Businesses need to consider what they would like to have versus what they actually need. We provide solutions with functionality and reliability that needs to run your operation and probably don't need to upgrade every time a new product comes into the market.


We provide Carrier Class iP Pabx and High Performance Wi-Fi for a lot of our clients who wants quality, reliability with non-complicated user operations. Call us and we will advise you a cost effective and viable solution, for it will answer all your business needs.

SISNET provides both wired and wireless solution for your business

  • iP Pabx Telecommunication System
  • Wi-Fi HotSpot System

We are specialist in designing solution for hotel & corporate sector

  • Reliable wired wireless connectivity for all guest areas indoors and outdoors
  • Wi-Fi network to interface with existing wired-infrastructure gateway
  • Simple network to be managed by in-house IT & Engineering staff
  • Quick installation with minimum number of devices